SMART Features for Your App in Minutes

Custom Authentication

The Proxomo cloud provides developers a turn-key app specific login and password (with reset) functionality. Enterprise grade security is embedded into a full user account management. You should never store your user’s passwords in clear text and neither do we. As one of the much loved and often used features in Proxomo, custom authentication comes with a custom user management system that you can easily integrate into your app in order to allow users to register and sign in to your app. The system consists of Person records that your app can manage for each of the registered users using the Proxomo SDKs and API. Proxomo provides calls for your app to: create and delete a person record including specifying their roles, list all person records for your app, authenticate users, and allow users to reset their passwords. App specific login and password (with reset) functionality in minutes!

How can this feature help my app?

Apps that require a login to access the app and or track progress in the app. A few example apps utilizing this custom authentication feature are:

  • Gamification apps that want to track progress through the game for particular users or groups
  • An app that provides collaboration among a group of employees or a group of organization members such as quote request submittals
  • A Real Estate app that would allow home buyer access to a select list of properties being shown by an agent