SMART Features for Your App in Minutes

Custom Data

Proxomo provides an out-of-the box custom data storage system which eliminates the need for a secondary database to store data for an application. Data storage in the cloud is incredibly easy with Proxomo's Data Storage feature. This feature allows you to add tables of data with large quantities of columns and rows!

How can this feature help my app?

Let’s say you want to create an app that needs to organize sets of related information. Think custom records, such as:

  • A reference app listing out former world leaders, their years in power, their political officilation, key public policy milestones, etc.
  • An Industry app that would allow the business development teams in your organization to quickly look up the top 500 oil & gas refinery locations with key data about each
  • A mind bender game that asked a riddle and provided multiple clues and then the answer
  • Setails on customer preferences?
  • An inventory of all the shoes in someone's closet?