SMART Features for Your App in Minutes

GEO Locations & POI

Many applications today need to create their own custom POI location database. Proxomo allows your application to store a custom locations database. A Point of Interest, or POI is a geo coded point on the earth (Starbucks, Walmar, etc). Your application will query our databases for lists of POI data such as all businesses within a given area. Proxomo allows your users to query, add and update POI data using name, latitude and longitude and radius. Geo Coding allows an application to convert a physical address into latitude and longitude coordinates. With geographic coordinates the features can be mapped and entered into Geographic Information Systems, or the coordinates can be embedded into media.

How can this feature help my app?

Say you want to build an app that builds information around a location or set of locations. Think Geo-Location, such as:

  • An app that shows all store locations for a distributor's route on a map
  • Tourist app on sporting venues, arenas, and popular tourist sites around town
  • A points of Interest app that highlights close vineyards or microbrews