SMART Features for Your App in Minutes


Proxomo provides out-of-the box support for user events, event metadata, user preferences for events, event comments, and user data.
In addition to the standard Event management capabilities Proxomo adds a Location-Aware component to the equation. Therefore, events can be searched by geographic location, proximity to a location, or a users' current GPS coordinates.

How can this feature help my app?

Apps that focus on date and time driven activities, can get up and running quickly using Proxomo's events feature. A few apps ideas using eventing are:

  • An app that helps organize and coordinate anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, bar mitzvahs, reunions, etc.
  • Marketing apps that kick off tradeshows, conventions, conferences, special brand campaigns utilize this feature to store, access, and promote the who, what, where, when, how of events including milestones
  • Student and professional organization apps that track get-togethers and allow for user input with social media tie-ins