SMART Features for Your App in Minutes


Proxomo allows you to setup a one-time task or a recurring task (automated CRON) to trigger off a task at a specific date and time. You can make the task recur everyday at a specific time and then you give it the URL to call when it triggers, so you've got something sitting there listening for this trigger.

How can this feature help my app?

Future dating app activites make a ton of sense when you are thinking of it now and may not later. A few sample apps that would use this feature include:

  • Reminder SMS or Email alerts for bill pay, birthday card sending, annual or anniversary date triggers for renewals etc
  • Enterprise apps that send reminders on employee-related actions needed, like signing up for health care benefits or notifications on usage of flexible spending accounts prior to year end
  • Apps that look for the user to achieve a certain badge level then provide an email notification with an invitation to an access gateway to more levels